It’s so refreshing to be able to take an hour out of my busy day to have adult conversation. I love my children dearly, but I also need to have meaningful talks with other like-minded individuals. Thank heavens for Circle4Parents! It’s a platform that allows me to express myself and receive great life-tips from others, without leaving my house and while still wearing my casual clothes. Recently, I participated in the sessions “Coping with Stress” and “Sleep Deprived Parents.” Both sessions provided applicable tips and steps to help with stress management and sleep deprivation. These sessions have helped me mentally and make me feel that I’m just a normal parent who is experiencing the same challenges as other parents. Circle4Parents truly does help to heal the healers. Even if it’s just an hour a week, Circle4Parents is an amazing platform for me to meet other parents and just be myself.


I wish I could have had more time to tell each woman how much they have inspired me tonight. I didn’t fully know what to expect going into this. I had hoped for an opportunity to help other parents but I had no idea how it would affect me. The energy and positivity left me with a hum of joy. I have walked away from each session with a valuable idea, perspective or strategy that I can apply to my life. Each session has a way of taking shape and the energy grows into something inspirational. I feel a little more at peace going to bed tonight knowing there are 5 other women who are actively doing everything in their power to leave this world with a legacy of love and kindness.


A virtual parent coaching that will revolutionize pediatric clinical practice. Just imagine all the parents that wouldn’t need to come into see the pediatrician or call them after hours for non-medical advice on matters that another parent or expert coach could provide for them right in their home via internet technology. I know with your help and others that one day even the American Academy of Pediatrics and other esteemed pediatric societies will endorse and support this organization! Their mission is a strong and passionate one and I’m happy to help make this connection with you and our pediatricians!


There once was a time where new parents had a village surrounding and supporting them through new parenthood. Rates of new baby blues are increasing and many parents are frustrated, scared and sad. Today, new parents often feel isolated and don’t know where to turn with their questions. The current generation of parents are tech savvy and Circle4Parents is a beautiful union of a village mentality, confidentiality and support at your fingertips. From your computer at home, you have a community built to support you, the new parent.


Circle4Parents makes you feel less alone. You can fill in the blank as to what your issue/challenge/experience is, and you can count on connecting with others going through the same thing or get advice on what helped them overcome it. It’s a safe place to vent – it’s like talking to your friend, but better because there is no fear of any form of judgment and is focused on YOU! I loved my first class and look forward to meeting new coaches and parents within this supportive Group!