As a busy working mother of four, I completely empathize with you parents out there. I realized during each of my pregnancies that my focus was on the baby, and not on me. I had utterly neglected self-care and self-love. I thought indeed, other parents, even if they are excited about a new baby, have had feelings similar to mine.

After the birth of my third child, I struggled in silence with postpartum blues and frustration from juggling a busy financial career with family life. I attempted seeing a therapist, as that was the logical thing to do but was disappointed with the outcome since I felt I was merely deduced to just a typical textbook case and spent too much time traveling to my appointments. I also did not get support from my employer beyond maternity leave.

Upon returning to work, behind closed doors, I was overwhelmed with the feelings of isolation. While the demands of high performance didn’t change from the management to reflect my leave of absence, my co-workers continued to make remarks that further instilled feelings of loneliness.

From all this isolation and neglecting my self-care, I struggled with voicing my thoughts. However, I did find consolation in speaking with my peers, other parents going through the exact same issues and struggles I was facing. I remembered how effective my coaching calls were with an executive coach as I had created a total empowerment approach for my clients with the help of my coach.

This stayed with me as the understanding and encouragement I received from these parents lifted my spirits and helped me gain the confidence I needed to move on. I wanted to create a community for families, with the emphasis on guiding and supporting parents, where they could reach out to coaches covering all parental issues. The idea of Circle4Parents sprang forward during my fourth pregnancy. Speaking again to my trustworthy peers, I realized that I am not the only one who was going through the same dilemma. Around my third trimester, I shared my anxiety with my doctor, and he informed me that this anxiety puts me more at risk to experience postpartum depression, and advised me to seek out support again.

I did my research and found insufficient support available in the current marketplace. I finally did find and hired a maternity coach who, at $250 per hour, was not only expensive, the drive was to her office was nearly an hour each way due to traffic. I didn’t have time to devote to myself and see my maternity therapist once a week. I knew there had to be a better solution, and if it did not exist already, I was going to create it!

Circle4Parents provides a network of peer support to create mentally healthy parents who recognize self-care is a necessity for child care. Circle4Parents combines parent coaching services with a video conferencing platform so parents can openly express their feelings, struggles, and triumphs. I envision the Circle4Parents platform extending to parents of all ages as parenting evolves with time.

I wish I had the Circle4Parents community when I was raising my first two children as a single mom and desperately needed support. Now, I am passionate about creating a convenient, affordable, non-judgemental village committed to coaching parents how to move forward.

My team of parent coaches, our entire executive team and I look forward to supporting you through your challenges.

See you in the circle!

Mary Aggarwal
Founder and CEO
Mother of four
Circle4Parents Inc.