Stacy Phillips

Stacy Phillips has spent her 30-year career in the family law trenches, representing clients during some of the most significant and difficult transitions in their lives. Whether the matter is divorce, custody, parental rights, support, paternity, domestic abuse – or often some combination of these – Stacy brings compassion, adept negotiation, and skilled persuasion to her aggressive advocacy. She represents a wide variety of high-net-worth clients. Some are in the celebrity stratosphere, others are less public figures, but most vital to Stacy’s representation is her diligent concern for the children involved in any case. She knows all too well that children can suffer the greatest trauma in family break-ups, unfortunately becoming collateral damage of their parents’ battles.

Stacy’s fascinating career (in law, civic involvement, and across diverse philanthropic causes) makes her a compelling and sought-after speaker, commentator and relationship expert. She is the author of Divorce: It’s All About Control – How to Win the Emotional, Psychological, and Legal Wars. While her popular book (now in its seventh printing) offers practical and sage advice for those in any stage of divorce, it also serves as a cautionary tale for those hoping to avoid a traumatic, contentious experience for their family.

Stacy is the founder of the Blank Rome Adopt-A-Center Program, now in its 20th year, which raises funds and awareness for deserving Los Angeles-based non-profits that help children and families. She graduated Dartmouth College with honors, earned her Juris Doctor at Columbia University School of Law, and is a Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. Stacy is a partner in the Matrimonial and Family Law practice group at Blank Rome Los Angeles.