Mary Aggarwal

Mary Aggarwal is a senior vice president of the Beverly Hills Wells Fargo Private Bank office. She is responsible for working with high-net-worth clients to assist them in effectively manage their wealth, first by identifying each client’s unique goals then coordinating a team of specialists to implement custom, comprehensive wealth plans to help accomplish those goals.

Mary Aggarwal is a Private Wealth Advisor at a Major financial institution in Beverly Hills. Mary has been in the financial services industry for more than 20 years and 10 of those in the private wealth management.

She uses her personal and professional experiences and combines it with her money philosophy to provide family dynamic and wealth education to ensure wealth continuity. Her experience has given her a gift that academia can’t teach, only culture and experience can.

She believes money is an amplifier of support and offers a unique ability and willingness to see through your eyes and heart, being a client of mine goes beyond managing your wealth that incorporates both tangible and intangible aspects.

Outside of being a wealth advisor, and running Circle4Parents, she the CEO of her household, as a wife and mother of four. She a philanthropist at heart and loves giving back to the community through various women & children causes. One of her favorite pastimes is to go to the farmers market with her family, reading books with her kids and enjoying the Southern California sunshine.

Mary is a member of the Purposeful Planning Institute, Family Office Exchange, former board member of Zimmer Children’s Museum, and most recently nominated as a 2017 Outstanding Female Leader by Los Angeles Business Journal. Mary has authored articles in LA Parent and Beverly Hills Courier.