Eva LaRue

As an actress and single mom, I’ve always joked that kids not only don’t come with a parenting manual, but any directions they do come with liken to Ikea instructions; too many parts that don’t seem to fit anywhere and written in a language I clearly don’t understand!

I’ve spent the better part of the last 4 years since my divorce, navigating the expensive world of Dr.s, therapists and specialists across myriad healing modalities to find the right guidance from my daughter and I to work through the grief, anger, puberty, anxiety… you get the picture. And surrounded by some of my best girlfriends dealing with more severe parenting issues like behavioral disorders, OCD, addiction, transgender kids and autism spectrum. Thankfully, we had each other and created our own information sharing community and support group through the toughest times.

Cut to; four years later being serendipitously introduced to Mary Aggarwal, founder of Circle4Parents.com – I immediately felt like I’d found a home! Circle4Parents is so unique, because it offers the opportunity to share your truth in a fluid way with immediate feedback, in a shared experience and guided by a therapist or specialist on very specific issues. it’s like having access to your own all star team of advisors!

At a time when studies show that the teen suicide rate has doubled in the last 10 years and that 1 in 5 Americans suffers from chronic loneliness which leads to depression, all seemingly exacerbated by social media and its lack of social interaction and actual connectedness, along comes a fantastic and affordable solution!

In a growing culture of business coaches, communication experts and mentorship, there has been nothing available as guidance for our most important job; Parenting.

Best intentions and time constraints don’t always allow for attending seminars, workshops or expensive weekly therapists at over $150 and hour. Circle4Parents provides an easy, affordable network of sessions that fit into the busiest schedule, helping build, maintain and nurture the relationships that impact every area of our lives.