Dr. Andrew Kane

Dr. Kane possesses Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Human Development, a Ph.D. thesis on midlife and has authored a book on adulthood- Three Bridges: Adulthood is Easy until Life Intervenes! These pursuits when added to his rich and deep business & professional experience,  permit him to have a broad perspective to help decision-making resonate within the heart and gut, rather than just the brain and he excels by questioning answers (not the other way around) and making the complex simple to understand.

He is a Co-Founder at Spencer Legacy Group, advising on decision making to resolve stressful family dynamics and is a Co-Founder of  MKW Advisors, focused on better decision making within the workplace. Dr. Kane is also Chairman of a family-owned retail business in San Francisco, President of two single-family offices for wealthy families & their family enterprises and has held roles such as CEO of HSBC Private Bank in Southern California and Managing Partner at Arthur Andersen for almost 30 years. He is a proven trusted advisor based upon his long-term relationships built on his integrity, credibility, and experience.