Cynthia Brittain

Cynthia is a Partner at Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP. Her practice focuses on domestic and international, multi-generational succession planning. She assists families worldwide who desire to immigrate to the United State and who, in some instances, have family companies with global operations. Cynthia incorporates techniques to help the children of wealth creators become good stewards of their family’s legacy. Philanthropy is a power tool to teach children about money, about their relationships with their community, and how to work with their siblings in family business situations. Above all, Cynthia values collaborative partnerships with her clients’ other advisors. Together, a client’s holistic team can design efficient plans that satisfy each families’ unique needs. She has helped families globally with domestic and international estate planning. Cynthia understands that tax issues do not exist in a vacuum and that Family Dynamics drive planning just as much as, if not more than, estate and income tax mitigation. In many instances, families need assistance with financial literacy and holistic succession planning, especially when a family business is involved. Cynthia has spoken nationally as a subject matter expert on family governance, the potential risks inherent in common planning techniques, and how those issues can affect a beneficiary’s intrinsic motivation.