What is Circle4Parents?

Circle4Parents is a virtual village that connects parents with expert coaches and other parents on topic specific parenting issues. Circle4Parents is for all families privately as well as being offered through employee benefits as an extension of parent care to new and expecting parents at the company, including prenatal and postpartum care. Parents can virtually connect with coaches through our virtual platform for guidance from pre-pregnancy through parenting teenagers and beyond. C4P’s network of experts include certified newborn & postpartum specialists, child development specialists, marriage therapists, career coaches and more to help new parents navigate what often is not covered by medical healthcare providers.

Circle4parents virtual village will help you:



Thrive in Family
and Career

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Group sessions are $45 each.

One-on-one sessions are $95 each.

Unlimited group sessions
for only $99 per month.

Find Your Session!

Browse through the sessions and sign up for the one that speaks to you. Get to know the Parent Coach facilitating that session by reading about his or her background and expertise. You will receive a reminder email the day of the session and an hour before the session.

Get Ready!

All our sessions are held face to face in our virtual Circle. Make sure to download your Circle for free before your session starts. Start connecting with other parents on our social media platforms while you wait for your next session.


Join the video chat and enjoy this time just for YOU. Dive into your new community of coaches and like-minded parents who all have insights to share with you. Don’t hold back, you are in a safe and judgment-free Circle.